Cannot debug with VS Code after Local update

Issue Summary

I had been developing WP shortcode plug-ins using VS Code until the end of this October and everything was working fine. I just went back to update my program today and I can no longer use the debugger (it doesn’t break on any break point). I believe the only thing that has changed in the meantime is Local was update. Could this have anything to do with the new Local and/or Xdebug+VS Code add-on?

To be really precise, I was working on my original test Local site until the end of October. Then I created a new Local site and ported my plug-ins and made sure everything worked fine. The reason I created a new site had nothing to do with my plugins, but rather I experimented with different themes, and I wanted to go with Gutenberg theme with a clean slate.

Today when I initially tried to debug in the new site, I realized PHP Debug on VS Code was not configured right, because I still hadn’t done “Add Run Configuration to VS Code” for my new site in Local. When I did that, I realized “launch.jason” in “.vscode” folder looks slightly different than the one in my old site. Specifically “Listen for Xdebug 3.0 (Local)” configuration is added to the newer launch.jason. However whether I choose “Listen for Xdebug 3.0 (Local)” or “Listen for Xdebug (Local)”, the debugger in VSC doesn’t work any way.
Also when I go back to my old original test site, which has been left untouched, the debugger doesn’t work anymore either.

The fact that the contents of “launch.jason” are different before and after Local version updated, and also I can no longer use debugger in old site make me wonder something has happened either with the new version of Local or “Xdebug+VS Code” add-on.

I am very new to Local + WP + PHP and I apologize if I am missing easy things, but I am really desperate, and any help/information will be greatly appreciated.

System Details

The current Local version is 6.5.2+6204. I cannot remember what was the previous version where everything was working, but I started using local only about 2 months ago, so whichever the latest version at the time was what I had. Xdebug+VS Code add-on is v1.0.7.

My OS is Windows 10 Home. VS Code is 1.73.1 with PHP Debug v1.29.0.

I greatly appreciate your help.

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