Can't access wp-admin

hi all

i have this problem working locally on a friend website.
first of all it is old, very old, wp version is 2.9, runs php 5.5 but not higher.
did localy the update to 4.8 and seems to be ok.
but, before and after the update it is impossible to access to the admin page, the browser goes to the adress adn then goes straight to the online site telling me wordpress is up to date.
before the update i was sent to the index page of the online website.
so i cannot access the admin page locally.

any ideas ?


Hi @yves,

It sounds like there’s something left behind in either the site files or the database that’s causing this redirect.

Here’s how you can check: Imported site to Local, Login directed to Live Site

If you are seeing a wp-admin blank page, or wp admin is not working at all, it could be stemming from several factors. I would suggest you go through this article: Wp-admin not working by Sprout-Flowers. If you have installed a plugin lately, try getting into your cPanel and deactivate it. It might fix the issue quickly.