Changing DB_HOST in wp-config.php

I noticed that Local runs really slow on my new XPS PC. If I change the DB_HOST from “localhost” to “” in the wp-config.php file, I get around a 50% speed boost on my local sites. It’s blazing fast.

My only problem is when I pull from a live site on flywheel, it resets the DB_HOST back to “localhost” in wp-config.php.

Is there a way to keep it as “” on local sites without having to go in and manually change it every time you make a pull from a live site?

Nice find @jeremycollins!

Right now there isn’t a way to make that setting persist since Local will re-build the wp-config.php file after pulling, but I think this is a nice improvement since Windows doesn’t have a Unix socket to connect to MySQL over!

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Thanks! I’d be interested in whether or not others experience the same performance boost by changing their DB_HOST to

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