Constantly Losing Connection?

New to Local, sweet app and have two sites going. One of them however is incredibly slow, and after 2-3 page loads in admin I have to restart machine, then get another few loads and have to do it again…

What can I look at here?

Hi Ryan,

Sorry for the trouble!

Are you running Local on macOS or Windows?

Thanks Clay, running Mac OS

Hi @thatryan

Does this slowness build up while navigating the front of the site?

If it’s only the backend, it is likely a plugin that is attempting to do something that is slowing the site down.

You might also try installing the Query Monitor plugin

which can give you insight as to what things WordPress and the underlying plugins are doing that are eating up the computer’s resources.

Let me know what you find out!

– Ben

Got it, thanks! When you mention that you’re losing connection, what error are you seeing in your browser?

I’d recommend following what Ben said too in case it’s a slow HTTP request or database query.

LOL im trying to use query monitor yeah, but I restart the site, load admin, click a page to go to and its been “loading” for 15 minutes now so I cannot see queries :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. Are you using any tools such as Xdebug?

Also, have you tried running a ping in Terminal on the Local domain when it starts to time out like this?

No special tools no, and ping seems to work…
Is there a tool to try dumping and reimporting the database?

Try this instead to rule out plugins, deactivate all plugins and see if its faster, if not, also try changing the theme to a default WordPress theme, and check again, if either of them provide a significant speed increase then one of them is doing something that takes a seemingly long time to complete which can be due to lack of host resources or just a really long DB query.

Regarding the tool to dump DB and reimport, you can do that by going to Adminerin teh Database tab of the site and exporting the DB / tables you want and then using hte .sql file to reimport on a new site, but I am thinking this could likely be long slow HTTP requests to external resource,s large DB queries, or a terrible poor written code execution from a plugin or theme.

Let us know how you get on @thatryan

Chris :slight_smile:

Hi all, wanted to say thanks for the troubleshooting help. I think it may have been a corrupt DB… I would up exporting another dump from live site ( with fewer tables, removing ones I didnt need locally ) and imported a whole new site.
So far no problems with this one.
Thank you again.