Could not update hosts file

As I saw in community. Lots of user facing same problem so i just need sample of hosts file so that i can edit manually. Please give me sample or instruction for editing manually…

Hey @npsingh

The Hosts file is a file that lets the computer know where to look for a site when you try to access it in a Web Browser.

Usually issues relating to “Missing Hosts entry” boil down to one of a couple of things.

  1. There’s some sort of Antivirus software preventing Local from updating the Hosts file. Try temporarily deactivating any antivirus software, and if that allows you to “Fix it” then take a look to see if there are any settings within the Antivirus options that would allow Local to make those kinds of changes in the future!

  2. There’s a setting (usually in Windows) that is physically preventing Local from editing the file

Can you take a look at this FAQ post in the Community Forums and let me know if working through those troubleshooting steps fixes things for you?

If you really do want to manually edit the Hosts file by hand, then this HowToGeek article has a pretty comprehensive walkthrough for editing the file on a number of different Operating Systems: