Error establishing database connection on Mac

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test site opens fine. very complex and large site get this error, after wiping and restoring entire Mac os rebuild. I’ve tried restoring all files from earlier, previously-working versions with no success. Attempting to Open site or WPAdmin gets the same result. Tried changing ngnix to Apache and different PHP versions, no joy. Local version Version 8.2.1+6583, Mac OS Sonoma 14.3.1. (106.5 KB)

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Hi @brucemiracle

How “complex and large” is this site? Is there anything on it that could be optimized through alternative methods like SSH/SFTP?

Is this a multisite?

It might be causing some performance troubles you could test out here:

For some suggestions around optimizations, you can down below on this article:

Hi Nick,
500+ blog entries, 800 media library items, like that. Not multi-site.
As it turns out, the main problem appears to have been Elementor CSS related, and rebuilding those tables fixed most of the problem. However, in my troubleshooting efforts, I deleted and reinstalled Local, which had the effect of making the previous sites invisible and inaccessible… I had to zip the entire site and reimport it into Local and then that basically worked.

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Glad to hear it @brucemiracle! Thank you for coming back and updating on what worked here.

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