Errors, crashes and deletions - HELP!

Upon initial download of Local, I can set up (with firewall disabled) and work with my wordpress sites without a problem.

The next time I open ‘Local’, I can see my sites and when I select one, it seems to open without logging in. It then shows a 502 error and crashes. When I open ‘Local’ again, my site are no longer there. When I try to recreate a site with the same name, there is another error saying the name already exists. I can see the sites in the Local directory but it seems that Local can’t. If I delete the site from there, I can recreate in Local however it will not allow me to log in and shows me a 404 error. The same error appears if I try to add a completely new site. If I attempt to continue, the system hangs and needs a reboot. This results in the startup deleting Local and my browser (firefox)!

So it seems my only option is to reinstall Local (and my browser) and start all over again. Not an option!

Interestingly, Macafee finds a virus in Local.exe.

Has anyone come across this behaviour and know how to resolve?