Everything is broken

After updating twice all sites seem to be broken,

Flywheel often fails on startup.

Sites have various errors. Some can’t find Mysql, some have 502 errors.

I am completely lost.

Can anybody give me a few tips how to start diagnosing the various problems. My development of sites has ground to a halt because of this.

same problem here. I haven’t received any help in two days. I think they will release another update to fix this. I hope they do

That makes at least 3 of us! This used to work so well, but I’ve had nothing but problems for the last several months, it seems. No useful help from this forum, either.


I am in the same boat, and i am am only doing an evaluation!

I created a vanilla dashboard install, pulled it made some changes, pushed it and nothing updates.

Tried a local install and pushing that and still no joy. Something is broken.