Export All Sites

Having gone through all the betas on Lightning, one thing that frequently frustrated me was the effort required to export and import multiple sites.

The product (all versions) really needs an “export all the sites” button that simply steps through the process and exports each site as a seperate zip to a destination directory. Bonus, get export to remember the destination… I never want to export to my desktop, why can’t your remember that?

Anyway, it literally takes me many hours (multi-tasking) to manually migrate two dozen sites between versions.

These feature wouldn’t just be helpful for migrations though, it’d also be super helpful simply to make a backup of everything in case a single instance blows up.

Heck, the start/export/import process is so cumbersome I often elect instead just to download a backup of live from WPE, import THAT into Local and then reconfigure my local dev tools (git, npm, etc…) because that’s faster and more reliable than the export process.

Yes please.

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+1 would love to see this too @clay

Makes sense! I can see how this is a pain. I’ll bring this up to the team.