Fixing broken websites (local and online, redirect issue)

Issue Summary

I tried to move my local website and go online / replace my old website with it. The local and the online website did break both and “migrated” in some weird way to only one local (-> it was only available while local website was turned on) website (I used the plugin All-in-One-Migration because I couldn’t find another way to do it). I had to delete my old database and install wordpress newly on my domain provider. Now I can’t enter my local website via the localwp program anymore because it still redirects to my real domain - even after replacing every local folder with a backup I made earlier.

By the way, I already contacted the support team of the plugin All-In-One-Migration but they couldn’t help me.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • How can I get my local page back to work? I can’t enter the testing admin panel because of the domain redirect issue.

  • How can I transfer my local site safely to my newly created webpage without breaking it again? I don’t have any backups of my old website, its gone forever - but it doesn’t matter if I can transfer the local page to the online page.


You can replicate this issue step by step.

  1. Having an online website.
  2. Having a localwp website.
  3. Install All-In-One Plugin on both sites
  4. Exporting the local site using the plugin
  5. Importing the All-In-One file to the new website
  6. Change everything the plugin is mentioning (database, media, plugins, etc.)
  7. Done.

Now my local page was also my online page / my online page was also my local page. If you entered the real domain (xx-xxx) you got redirected automatically to the testing (testing-xx-xxx) domain. There also wasn’t a possiblity to view the page if localwp wasn’t running.

System Details

  • I am using the local version 6.4.3+6116

  • I am using Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit

  • I don’t know if the logs are helping but I downloaded them today. (56.0 KB)

I am thankful for every help, because I don’t want to loose all of my progress of the website.

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