Glyph generator, font sampler plugins - is there an issue with the shortcodes?

Issue Summary

I can’t use those plugins, maybe because it calls my font url that is not implemented directly on my computer ?
I wanted also to use it on ‘Lay’ Theme, but seems that it doesn’t work much.
Anyway, no possibility to use it, it does not appear on the page on which the shortcode was added.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • It just happen on the only one site I try to build on Local

  • I’m able to create and access it on a browser


If you want to explain to me how to add it step by step (I’m a bit noob), especially on laytheme if some of you know how to handle it.

System Details

  • I’m using the last version of Local (6.1.1+5468)

  • I’m workin on a Mac OsX Catalina 10.15.7

Hey @PierreFave, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Since it looks like Local is able to create sites successfully, and this appears to be more of a site-level issue, I’ve moved this topic to the ‘WordPress’ category.

It’s hard to say what’s going on exactly. Do you have links to those specific plugins so that the community knows exactly what is being used on the site?

In the case of the font generator, I’ve occasionally seen services only allow you to use their product on a set of whitelisted urls. You might check the settings for that font service and see if you can add the Local site’s URL to the list of domains that the font can be used on.

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