Help setting up php_codesniffer and WPCS

I am trying to set up PHP Codesniffer with the WPCS rules to run them when developing themes. I’m trying to follow the steps in this article. I’ve got composer installed no problem and I was able to install Codesniffer in the project directory(I’m not using the directory used in the article, I’m using LbF).

I’m not sure though if I need to point Codesniffer to each instance of php that gets installed for each site that gets spun up, or can I just point it to a version of php that is the same version number, but installed on the main system vs in the Docker container. I think I can install WPCS in one place and point to it in the Codsniffer config, but I’m not sure on that part either. I’ve found a number of articles with information but none of them are using LbF so I’m not able to connect the dots very well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Were you ever able to resolve this?