Help with Adding Some Features to my Local/Wordpress Site


First, my apologies if I am posting this in the wrong area. I simply did not know where to even start here with this. And second, I am a noob here with Local/Wordpress, but really need some help…

I would like to make a “tools” website (with Local Wordpress), if that is the proper term for it. Visitors to my site would be able to use various web tools on my pages, such as an e-mail validation tool, a keyword tool, a password generator tool, or a privacy policy generator tool, just for examples. I found a “tools” website like this online, and took some screenshots of the “tools” that I am referring too (see pics below).

So basically, if they come to my website, they can use one of these “tools”; if they want to look up high CPC keywords, there’s a tool for that on one of my pages. If they want to generate a privacy policy document, there’s a tool for that on one of my pages. So the VISITOR to my site would be able to use it…it’s NOT for me.

Now again, I am a noob here with Local/Wordpress. When I first started making my site, I just assumed these “tools” I am talking about were plugins. HOWEVER, when I went to the official Wordpress plugins site, there’s NOTHING like these various tools, at all. I assumed they would be, but I couldn’t find anything anywhere. I then thought that they.may be widgets; but since I am new to this, I do not know.

So I guess what I am asking here is what ARE these types of tools considered? ARE they plugins? ARE they widgets? And if so, where in the world could I find them?

(The only thing similar I could find anywhere are just professional sites that offer these services on their websites…for a cost of course; these certainly are not downloadable plugins for MY website.)

I thought they would just be simple plugins to download for my pages, but I am at a real standstill in development here.

ANY help is appreciated in putting me in the right direction and helping me figure this out!

Thank you.

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