Home page not showing

I am able to login to my WP account from the Local by Flywheel window. When I try to visit my home page salcvan/home. It looks like it is going to load but only loads black. None of the links at the top work and eventually… a message box will pop up and say page isn’t responding.


So sorry for the trouble!

It looks like there might be a JavaScript issue. I recommend going to the WordPress Admin and disabling all plugins and switching to the default WordPress theme (Twenty Seventeen).

Once you do that, go through the plugins and re-activate them one at a time. This should allow you to track down which plugin is potentially causing the JavaScript issues.

If all is well with the plugins, you can try switching back to your theme of choice.

Hi Clay, Thank you for your time and response. I do not have any plugins at this time. The glitch seems to be when I identify a page as the homepage. It then will not show and now gives me a message too many redirects, clear my cookies (which I have done) . I saved my home page as a template and I am able to go in and create a dummy page “demo home” and am able to work on it but as soon as I try to assign it as a static home page. I am no longer able to access or edit the page.

SALC, what theme are you using? And when you say you save your page as a template what name are you giving it and which folder are you saving it in wert to your theme folder.

Sounds like WP is re-opening the same file.

What happens if you use one of the standard WP themes (if not already) and assigning the sample page as the Home page?


Hey Salc,

have you found a solution for your problem?
I seem I have the same issue here. :frowning: