How do we update Adminer to latest version?

I noticed that Adminer is out of date in 2.3.2 package. I’d like to install the latest - I downloaded the file adminer-4.6.3.php

How do I install it? Or is this just a file I need to drop in a specific location?

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It’s not easily swappable but it’s certainly possible. See the instructions below.

Is there a particular reason (bug fix, new feature, etc) why you need the latest version right now? Either way, I’ll make a note to make sure Adminer is updated in the next Custom and Preferred updates!

Here’s how you can swap out local-adminer.php for a site running the Custom environment:

  1. Copy the single-file Adminer file into the site’s /app folder
  2. Rename the Adminer PHP file to adminer.php
  3. Right-click on the site and go to “Open Site SSH”
  4. Run mv /app/adminer.php /etc/scripts/local-adminer.php

Which version of adminer do we download?
I see 2 options in the downloads page, one mysql and one not:

I’m getting that None of the supported PHP extensions (MySQLi, MySQL, PDO_MySQL) are available after moving to v5. I want to see if installing the latest version will fix the issue.