How i solve missing host entry issue

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Do you have anti-virus software installed on your computer that may be causing issues?

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I apply these changes but still facing this issue?

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Try with this one if you use with Windows 11 operating system. It might be because of the hosts file is hidden and you only see hosts.ics.

  1. Open Command Prompt and run with Administrator.

  2. Since you in administrator mode, your terminal will show something like this

  3. Now, you need to cd the path to your hosts folder.
    cd drivers\etc

  4. Then use this command
    attrib -r -a -h -s hosts

-r (remove read-only)
-a (remove archive attrib)
-h (remove hidden attrib)
-s (remove system attrib)

Hidden is the first layer of protection. “System” normally protects system files and you may not see them.

Then run again your local and see your domain inside your hosts files.