How to change region for ngrok (solution)


I’m in Australia and also wanted to be able to change the ngrok region. I’ve previously used Laragon and it has all of the regions as part of their “enable link” option. I’ve seen a few feature requests here but nothing ever progressed.

The good news is that ngrok has a default configuration file which it loads each time it is launched. This means if you have custom options or requirements for your connection you can simply set the options here.

The default config file on Windows is located in %USERPROFILE%\.ngrok2\ngrok.yml

This will not exist by default. A quick way to create this would be to go WINDOWS-R (to bring up the Run dialogue box) %USERPROFILE% and then create a new folder called .ngrok2 (note the leading full stop).
Inside this folder create a file called ngrok.yml with your options.

%USERPROFILE% is simply a variable which will resolve to something like C:\Users\<username> for most installations.

To change the region you have a single line:


where is one of:

us - United States (Ohio)
eu - Europe (Frankfurt)
ap - Asia/Pacific (Singapore)
au - Australia (Sydney)
sa - South America (Sao Paulo)
jp - Japan (Tokyo)
in - India (Mumbai)

In my example i have a file C:\Users\wiz\.ngrok2\ngrok.yml
It contains one line:

region: au

the next time i click on the “Live Link” for one of my sites, i can see it’s working because the ngrok link will be of the format:

update: if you create an account on and go to “Authentication > Your Authtoken” you can obtain your personal Authtoken and put this into the ngrok.yml file.

so my ngrok.yml now looks like:

region: au
authtoken: oij3oijoifjo3i4joijfowijf3o4f8uwfojw

This will now identify you as a “free” user which increases the number of connections per minute to 40.

cheers, wizdude.