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How to connect MySQL WorkBench to Local Database for a Mac


So if you want to use MySQL Workbench with the Local database, create a new MySQL Connection in Workbench. Then for connection method click “Local Socket/Pipe.” Next copy the socket file extension in your local site (database - Socket) into where it says Socket/Pipe Path in Workbench. Click OK in Workbench, and then enter the password if asked from local. Done!


Thanks for response. The problem is that field does not exist in my Local. Even after reinstall…that is the issue…

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Did afragen’s picture help, or are you still seeing something different?

What kind of Mac do you have?

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I have a PC. I was in a chat with support. They recommended to remove and reinstall LOCAL, but the field did not show up…I moved to WAMP…

However I wish to go forward with LOCAL

My memory may be rusty, but you might not see the socket field because that may be reserved just for macs. I’ll let an admin in the group correct me here if I’m wrong. So, the steps to connect to the database may be different for a Windows PC.