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Install fails on virtual box

PC spec : Intel Workstation, dual Xeon processors. 16gb Ram, windows 7pro

Hi @Brooklandsbob,

Thanks for the screenshot!

Can you please also provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See How do I retrieve Local's log file? for instructions on how to do so.

I think this is the file you require Clay

I’m running the 64bit version of Win 7 pro, Tried to install on my Notebook and got the same error message

Thanks for your help Rob

Sadly I don’t seem to be able to get any real help with this problem, so I shall find another installer.

bye bye Flywheel

Hey @Brooklandsbob! It doesn’t seem like the log file attached to your forum post. We would still love to help in any way we can if we could snag a copy of your log file!

Take care

I’ll try again Nathan

local-by-flywheel.log (34.3 KB)

All sorted, downloaded 3.2.1, installed and up and running

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So glad to hear @Brooklandsbob!

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