Install problem

Hello I had to uninstall the program and I downloaded the last version and tried to install him. He tries to installand then he stops without putting the virtual box. I am under Windows 8.1 and impossible to install the program.
Please help me

Hi @nico1,

Can you please click on the menu icon in the top-left and then go to “Reveal Local’s Log”? Once it pops up, please upload it here.

Sorry for the trouble!

OK I think that I was not rather clear and that you did not understand me I
do not manage to install localbyflywheel. I made you a video to make me
better understand, he does not install either the virtual box. Thank you
for the help because there I don’t know what to do anymore,

Hi @nico1,

Thanks for the video!

If you go to the “Start” menu, can you find Local there?

Also, does local-by-flywheel exist in %LocalAppData%\Programs\?

No the problem as I showed him to you it is not there. I have the
impression that he installs him nowhere.

Please check %LocalAppData%\Programs\. In the video you opened C:\Program Files.

You can paste %LocalAppData%\Programs\ into Explorer’s navigation bar to automatically go there.

I made the search(research) as asked on all the record(disk) and there is

That is what is him(her,it) was able to find in my search(research) on the
record(disk) C for the .log file maybe that can help,

Flywhell problem (31.1 KB)

Hello I always not found of solution to my problem and you?