Install Local by Flywheel from a USB Drive?

I’m going to be in a low bandwidth situation where I would like to help multiple people install Local by Flywheel. As a test, I tried turning off my internet connection after downloading Local by Flywheel (but before running the install file).

When I do this and I get to the point where I’m creating my first site, I needed an internet connection. Is there a way to do a complete install without a network connection?

Hi @salcode,

That’s awesome! Thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not when using the “Custom” environment. In the meantime you can use the “Preferred” environment which has PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6 and is bundled by default.

My apologies for my absurdly long delay in this reply. Using the “Preferred” environment sounds like it will meet my needs perfectly :+1:

Thanks for the help.

Rock on, glad to hear!