ionCube Loader (php.ini configuration reset on start)

ionCube loader couldn’t install correctly because of the php.ini reset on start.

The question is how to forces Localwp to keep changes to the php.ini file.
We should put the necessary zend_extension line in the configuration.

Hey @Mohammad_Arab , Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Because Local has to work on both *nix systems as well as Windows, it uses a template file that’s re-compiled everytime a site is restarted.

This topic seems similar to what you’re asking: Local is filling up the hard disk in my MAC - #2 by ben.turner

But basically, double-check that you are editing the .hbs file and not the compiled configuration file. By default, PHP’s configuration for a site is located at:

~/Local Sites/sitename/conf/php/php.ini.hbs

Can you try editing that .hbs file, restarting the site, and see if that gets things working for you?

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