Laravel Install Guide

Hi there, I just wondered if anyone was successfully using Laravel on Local, and if they had written up any guidelines to getting it installed!?

I have looked at Homestead, but I’m concerned about causing conflicts with my existing dev sites, and I really like using Local so would like to try that route first.

In my first attempt I got composer installed, but was struggling with setting up paths, so couldn’t create new Laravel projects.

Any pointers much appreciated.

Hi @stride_joe,

Thanks for the question. We don’t currently have any official documentation, but we do have a number of developers using Laravel on Local. Have you had a chance to check out this thread about setting up Laravel?

And on the topic of guidelines, with Local being a community-driven project, I did want to mention that we do invite the community to contribute to creating documentation, helping others with questions, etc. If you have any interest in this or have any further questions regarding Laravel, let us know :slightly_smiling_face: