Lightning not supporting Apache?

Hi there,
I am new to WP and also Local. I played with local and decided to change to Lightning on a new computer. I just tried to use it and noticed it doesn’t support Apache. I have just downloaded local 5.3.1, hopefully it will work with Apache as that is what is on my hosting. If anyone could offer any advice then I would be very grateful.

Andrew -
FYI, Local “Lightning” which is now called simply, “Local”, does not support Apache. It is supposedly in the works, but no time frame has been posted by the Local team.


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Hey Jeff and Andrew,

If you go over to our Feature Request board in Canny, you can up-vote this item and get notified as we work on it:

This has been a hot-topic in Canny and the Forums, so we have this planned and working on it in the next few weeks!

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Hi Jeff,
Hopefully they do bring out a version. I have just started hosting with company on Litespeed with an Apache drop-in and MariaDB. I have been told that sites built in local 3.3.0 should host OK on there. I have no idea though. Might just start building online if needs must.

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