Local 1.4.1 (Mac) - Comment

This sounds like a substantial release. Kudos Local team!
Wondering if there was a 1.4.0 release that I somehow missed?

Mine is still 1.3.0 (from last week.)


Is this a beta or full version? I am on 1.30, not sure if I should upgrade now, will it affect my current LOCAL sites?

I don’t think there are any more betas, are there? I think if a notice is posted here like the one for 1.4.1, it is released. But, I am curious what happened between the 1.3.0 I downloaded only about 10 days ago, and the 1.4.1 posted here a couple days ago. Were there releases in-between that I somehow missed? This is perplexing!

@netguru - If you upgrade to 1.41, I assume it won’t break any of your current Local sites.

What happened to update notifications for the app?

They said there will be an email notice when updates will be released, but I think it is not the case…

Hmm, it would be nice if someone from the team could reply here. I am still not certain if I should upgrade from 1.3.0 to 1.4.1. But, my current install of Local is very flakey and I am about to just switch back to my old localhost. Which is also faster.

I am also concerned with how much memory Local uses. If I have too many windows open in Chrome ( > 12) my Local sites come to a crawl :-\

Hey all,

We skipped the public release of 1.4.0 of Mac since the initial Windows release was 1.4.0. 1.4.1 was our way of syncing up the two :slight_smile:

As far as in-app updates go, they’re still here! Updates will be “soft-launched” first and once we’re satisfied with the response and don’t see any major bugs we will push it to the automatic updater and out to everyone via e-mail.


You should be completely fine updating from 1.3.0 to 1.4.1. As always, if you have very important projects then I would suggest exporting them first to have a safe copy.

Thanks, Clay.

I will update to 1.4.1.
I am still not sure what you mean by “in-app” updates. I have not seen any notices of an update since Ifirst downloaded Local about 2.5 weeks ago - except for the notice originally posted in this thread. I don’t see any way to check for or enable updates from within the Local app - at least not in 1.3.0.

By in-app I mean a notification popping up prompting you if you’d like to update. There isn’t an option to manually check for updates at the moment. It just does it automatically.

There hasn’t been an update to the Mac version since the initial release of Local by Flywheel (1.3.0).

Cool. Thanks for clearing that up. And it explains why we haven’t seen any notifications for Mac updates yet!

Also, Local 1.4.1 seems more stable so far. Although, sometimes when I first access a site after starting in Local, I get a 503 for about 5-10 seconds (while Reloading page from browser every few seconds) before it agrees to load the page. Could that be a low memory problem? Note that this is after Local has displayed the “(Site-name) Started. Click to view site.” alert.

The 503 for the first bit after starting is due to nginx starting much faster than PHP-FPM :slight_smile: