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I just set up local to test my site’s compatibility with PHP 7. The set up seems fine after I upload my site files through UpDraft, except when I go to the dashboard it still gives me a prompt to update PHP. The Display PHP Version plugin says I’m still running 7.0. Also, any changes I make to this site actually seem to affect the dashboard of my real site dashboard. What is going on here? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

The current recommended PHP version is 7.4. Depending upon what version you have installed you will see a dashboard notice to upgrade.

Are these files being uploaded to the Local site, or are you using UpDraft to deploy the Local site to the remote one?

This shouldn’t be happening and my guess is that somehow the Local site is redirecting you to the remote one when editing.

If you look at the site in Local, what’s the site domain that is listed? Is it something ending in .local or does it end with .com?

Few other things to verify:

  • What kinds of changes are you making and where are you making them?
  • If they are content changes in the WordPress admin, what is the url that’s in the browser’s address bar?

Thanks for replying. I used this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv5WM9qM5AA) video as a reference to do this but for some reason, it just takes me to my WordPress dashboard as opposed to a local staging site. And yes, the site does have .com

Hey @Zspollard

If Local has the .com domain within it’s settings, then any changes you are making are actually being done on the live site.

You’ll want to update the domain within Local to use something like example.local so that there are two different sites – one remote one with .com and one local one with .local

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