Local Sites List Doesn’t Come up When Launching Local 5.8.1

Ever since the 5.8.1 update was installed on my Catalina iMac Local’s main window never loads the Local Sites list until I go to any other view (Add Site, Extensions, etc.) and back. At that point my local sites will be listed. But they never show automatically. This seems like a definite GUI bug, maybe stemming from the Star function that was added in this update. Does anyone else see this behavior? I presume that I just need to wait for an update to resolve this bug. Let me know if you need more info.

local-lightning.log (124.5 KB)

Exact same issue on Windows 10.

This sounds like it might be related to some of the performance regressions we were seeing. Can you try installing 5.8.2, which should have improvements in this area:


5.8.2 seems to have fixed the issue on my Mac.

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