Local Sites need starting every 15/20 min

When i’m working on my site, every 15/20 mins or so none of the changes happens. I have to stop the site and then re-start it to continue working on it.

Does anyone know why Local doing this?


[Unofficial reply]
Farouk - I know this isn’t a solution, but are you aware of the “Restart Site” option by right-clicking the site name in the left panel?

Until you get your issue resolved, it saves a step waiting for the Stop.


thanks Jeff

I wasn’t aware of that. saves a few moments lol.


Hey @farukbarber

There’s a toggle in the upper-right corner of the site page in Local called “Dev Mode” – is it enabled for the site that you are working on?

Hi Ben

I don’t see that inside my local. http://prntscr.com/p1m5im


can yo take a screen shot for me to see where its located please

Hey @farukbarber

What version of Local is installed? The latest version of Local doesn’t have that button, but it should also not be causing the issues of needing the site to be restarted periodically. You might also try installing the latest version of Local:


Can you let us know what version of Local is installed, as well as if you are still having the same issues after upgrading Local?

Hi Ben

I am using the latest version http://prntscr.com/pzibk0

If I uninstall it and then reinstall it, will I lose my sites that are there?