Locating Local's bundled PHP master versions


After recent MacOS updates, I believe PHP is no longer bundled with the operating system. This is causing a VSCode error for me 'PHP executable not found. Install PHP 7.4.0 or higher and add it to your PATH or set the php.executablePath setting’.

What I believe this is asking for is the main PHP file to be added to the config. I could install PHP separately, but as I use Local for all development, and this obviously includes PHP, I was hoping to locate where the ‘master’ php files are stored within local, and how to find this file?

What I can’t work out is if Local contains master PHP files or if they are all site specific?

Any advice would be greatly recieved.


Hi @kaleidografik

It sounds like you might be running into the same thing these users did here:

If you’re still having trouble let us know!

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