Login details failing after I import files to .dev site

Hey there,

I’ve been building a website on its live URL and realised that this was not the best way to proceed, so came across Local and decided to download it.

Everything has been working fine and I’ve created a .dev site to continue building my website. I used the all-in-one migrate plugin from WP to export everything I’ve done so far on the live URL, and import it onto the .dev site. This all seems to work fine, BUT!

As soon as I go to settings to save the permalinks twice, it logs me out and asks me to log in again (I know this is the process). But whenever I log in, it tells me “ERROR: The password you entered for the username is incorrect.” I’ve input the login credentials of the live site (where the exported files have come from) and that doesn’t work. I’ve input the login credentials that I set up in the .dev site and that doesn’t work. I’ve deleted the .dev site and tried exporting/inporting onto a new .dev site (about 4 times now actually) and I get the same error every single time.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? If I ‘View Site’ on the .dev link, it shows the imported website and it all works as it’s meant to, but I cannot log in at all.

Please help!!

Hi @typeb,

I would recommend using the lost password feature in WordPress and after submitting the form, go to Utilities » MailHog (or MailCatcher) under that site and you should see the password reset e-mail.

Hi @clay, thanks so much for the quick response. That fixed the issue.

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