Looking to use Drupal with Local

Hey Local Community

This is Drupal + Local related I looked for more info on this but wasn’t so sure where to put this so if the mods know a better place for this please move for me

so I guess just explain the scenario here

years ago I built this site in Drupal 7 when 8 had been released but not mature enough to have support with many of the modules (similar to plugins in wordpress) as kind of a side project along the way in many ways by accident it’s become sorta popular

And because drupal 8 is completely different than 7 the migration path even months later was not an undertaking I could pull off at the time so it was firmly on the backburner

In the years later most if not all my client work brought me more into WordPress projects and worked less in drupal at all besides this site making the update more daunting so it’s been put off for a while

But this website is moderately popular as I like to say and very key to a crucial new segment of my biz so I need to figure a way to move fwd on this to bring this site up to date in Drupal 10 where it’s now only at 7

In the past I did create a working local copy of the existing website in my Local environment by removing the wordpress core and just some basic configuration work so I know there’s at least decent chance I can get this to work

Anyway I didn’t find much on this here or elsewhere really but I figure some others may be in a similar situation soon as Drupal 7 code is quickly approaching EOL later this year

So if you wouldn’t mind keeping this thread active I’ll come back and post some of my progress here as I go along

could be a bit of a journey it’s just me here and my client work keeps me busy and you know always comes first

But I need to do this and well this thread will help me get there :grinning:


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Hi there @beesol - thank you for sharing this in the Local community! :wave:

I’ve gone ahead and moved this into “Feature requests” (only so others can upvote this idea / journey as you document it).

Let us know how this adventure goes! :sparkles:


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