Macos how to edit php.ini

I need to increase the php memory limit but can’t find where to edit php.ini on mac os. Any suggestions?

In my Local Sites/ I do not have a conf directory.

It’s per site in Local: ~/Local Sites/mysite/conf/php/php-version/php.ini

Thanks but there is no /conf directory under ~/Local Sites/mysite.

~/Local Sites/mysite/app
~/Local Sites/mysite/logs

Hm, all my sites have the Conf directory.
Maybe the site has to be set up using a Custom environment, not “Preferred”?

Did this question ever get answered?

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I’m late to the party but if you don’t see the “conf” directory that’s most probably because your Local Environment is set to “Preferred”. Change it to custom and the “conf” folder and all the setting files will be automatically created.

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