Max_input_vars update

i was needing to have a bigger value to max_input_vars i have a lot of custom fields, i have done it restarted everything, now if i create a new site and look at the php info it takes the new value, but the site i am working on still have 1000 has value in the php info
But my custom fields seems to work correctly now, so is it change or not, and in this case why it doesn’t change in php info ?

Hi Alexandra,

The site config doesn’t persist with new sites.

If you want to use the same config with new sites you can save a site with the config change as a Blueprint. Then, when you go to add a new site use the “Add From Blueprint…” option :slight_smile:

Actually what i was needing is the opposite.
i have changed the max input vars in php.ini in order to increase it for a site i was working on which has lot of custom fields, and this new value is applied to any new site i create, but not to the actual one where i was needing it.
well it not appears in the php info but the custom fields seems to work
Anyway, in between i have transferred the site to my other local server (desktop server) as it was easier, and there it works.
But i would like to know what happens here