MySQL, how it is running?

Have a question regarding the MySql installation.

I see all DB instances (for hosts) are running on the same IP but different ports. Does it really mean there are multiple MySql instances running on the VM or do you use some kind of port mapping ?

If I run “top” in the shell I can see only one mysql_safe process there.

There are individual Docker containers that run in the local-by-flywheel Docker Machine that’s running through VirtualBox.

Then, in each site container there’s a web server (nginx or Apache), MySQL, and other processes depending on the environment.

When you right-click and “SSH” into a site, you’re only in bash for that specific site. You can’t see the other site processes from it.

As far as the ports go, this is indeed port forwarding handled by Docker. The port is forwarded from 5001 for example to the default MySQL port of 3306 into the container.

Hope that helps!

@clay Thank you, Clay!