Need help uninstalling and reinstalling Local on Mac

How do I successfully uninstall Local 6.0 and install 6.1.1 on a Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1? The first installation was unsuccessful; I got error 502. My uninstall (dragging app to trash and emptying trash, but is there a folder that needs to be deleted, not just the app icon?) did not work as when I attempted to install 6.1.1 I wasn’t able to enter the requisite data and the info from my first install appeared. Here is my log. Thank you in advance.

local-lightning.log (142.7 KB)

Hi @CountryKJ

This should help!

Uninstalling Local

When you’re ready you can always download the latest version of Local here.

Hello @Nick-B

I found those instructions on the Local website, but the instructions do not match what I see on my screen. There are no Sites to delete.

Is there someone I can do a screen share with who can guide me?

Thank you.

Hi @CountryKJ We don’t have any priority support for Local but we are still happy to continue assisting you here. What part are you stuck on currently? Are you stuck on getting it uninstalled or reinstalled? Feel free to send over a short video or any screenshots to help illustrate what’s going on.

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