No option to add theme

Within the last week I lost the ability to add themes to any of my sites. When I click Appearance > Themes I see the themes that are installed. But when I click Add New the next screen is mostly blank. If I click upload or featured or popular etc, still nothing happens. The customize screen is also mostly blank. What changes happened recently to break Local by flywheel?

This sounds more like a conflict in WP than LbF. Try adding the following to your wp-config.php file.

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

No, as I said this problem is affecting all the sites I have in LbF. I did add that to one site just because you asked, and the problem still exists. My feeling is that the update to 3.0.2 is causing the problem. I am working on a PC.

I updated to 3.0.3. I updated VM and all extensions. I rebooted. Same problem.

Is there any error present?

No error shows. On the add themes page only the toolbar and add new button show up. The search bar does not appear. After clicking the add new button nothing changes. Same for the customize page, just a blank screen.

If you deactivate all plugins and return to a default Twenty* theme does it work?

Same thing. The help drop down does not work either.

Sorry, it looks like you might need to export the data and import to a brand new installation. I don’t have any other thoughts.

I am a new user with a brand new install and I have a similar issue, only I don’t have an “add new” button at all.

I’m in the same situation. New install of LbF 3.0.4 and regardless of wether I add an apache or nginx site I only see the 2019 theme. There are other theme folders in the themes subdirectory of each site, but it doesn’t show them installed and I can click on the add button, but it won’t progress further to select/upload a new theme.

Problem solved. I removed all new sites and reinstalled LBF. Additionally, although I have a multi-site account I changed that setting to no during the create site wizard and it now allows me to add a new theme.