Official Flywheel API?

I am tossing around an idea to help our team manage some basic tasks related to our sites hosted on Flywheel. I was wondering if there was an API built that would allow us to connect to our Flywheel account and pull down some basic info about the sites in our account. I know Local now has an integration and can communicate with my Flywheel account which is why I’m posting the question here. In theory I could build the tool as a custom Add-on for Local, but it would just be a simple React app most likely so it could live anywhere really.


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I second this - direct access to an API that could give us the ability to list, create, and change sites settings would be amazing.

Hey Justin (and long-time-ago @caeid_dustin!),

There isn’t an immediate plan within the Local team to make this type of an API available, but we know there is interest, so I’ll make sure to pass along the feedback.