PHP Fatal error with DiviOverlays

Hi, I’m new to using Local.
There is only one place on the local.
I am attaching a picture.

local-lightning.log (126.9 KB)
Can anyone help me how to return the site to Local?

Local version 5.10.3+5332
Windows 10

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That error message is telling you that there is a missing PHP class. That prefix of ET_ within the error message is usually associated with Divi. Since that stacktrace starts with DiviOverlays:: that makes me think that one of the plugins is not able to find Divi itself.

I’d recommend taking a closer look at the plugins that are enabled on this site and ensure that they’re at the most recent version. In addition to that, take a look at Divi itself and make sure that it is installed on the local site as well.

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Hi @ben.turner, I have exactly the same problem. Is it worth uninstalling everything and then reinstalling it?

Thanks, Jayne

Maybe? If you are using premium plugins, then the issue might be that the plugin authors have written the plugin to not work on different domains than the one that was originally registered on.

If that is the case, then re-enabling on the Local site might “register” the plugin on the Local domain. This would be fine for working on the site during development, but you’ll likely run into the same kind of issue when deploying the site to production.

If you do zero in on the plugin that’s causing issues, you might take a look at their document to see if they have any recommendations for running their plugin in a development environment.

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Thanks @ben.turner - I have uninstalled it and will try to reinstall it tomorrow. Jayne

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