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Php memory increase

I am trying to increase WP Memory Limit on Local. I added this line to my wp_config.php file: define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’ );
but I don’t think that worked even after I stopped and restarted the site on Local

Hello, did you find a solution for this? I’ve run into the same issue. I’m new to Flywheel, but I’ve tried adding a custom php.ini file to my site directory, using .htaccess, and nothing is working.

I’m reviewing the community posts, but I’ve not found anything so far.

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I didn’t have any luck. In fact, i forgot about this post. I think I just ignored it, and whatever plugin I was using, I either let it suffer, or tried something else. Not ideal, and sadly not an answer you were looking for.


Hi all,

Local already has a default memory limit of 256M.

If the site is running the “Custom” environment, you can change the PHP limits in the php.ini file in the site’s conf directory (conf is adjacent to the app folder in the site’s folder).

If I understand this correctly, only the preferred local environment is compatible with “Connect to Flywheel” correct?

If that’s the case, the only way to increase memory is to make our local site not able to connect with Flywheel… :disappointed:

This is correct.

Can I ask what is being done that requires more than 256M of ram in order to function correctly? You can try to ssh into the preferred environment and make adjustments to the PHP settings, but you’ll likely have to work with Flywheel sales and/or support to increase the memory limit when pushing to production since what was in the Local environment isn’t actually what’s being used on the production server.

– Ben

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Ben, thank you for your reply. I am using the Pro theme by Themeco. In my experience it tends to have problems on install and loading the builder without increasing memory to their recommended 512.

Thanks again.