Please Help me ! Error establishing a database connection

Hi !
My local website is down. The error is “Error establishing a database connection”

I try this method :
define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true); in wp-config.php

But it doesn’t make. ;-;

I try enter in a database adminer but it doesn’t make too

it say : “No such file or directory”

If it has another method, please help me.

PS. I’m sorry my english is bad n.n" please answer me with simples words. thank you

Hi Isa.

Did you accidentally replace you’re wp-config file?
Did you accidentally change the DB username and password?

Most often that is what causes “Error establishing DB connection” messages.

Hi !

My wp-config.php file is in “Local Sites/mysite/app/public/”

I think no. I don’t know how do this.