Plugin Update Error with Lightning on Windows

Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I’m having exactly the same issue with Local (Beta) 5.0.7+1117 also on Windows 10.

It only applies to certain plugins but not all, the most high profile I’m come across displaying this behaviour is Elementor Pro but experienced it with several others too.

In my case simply overwriting the plugin directory doesn’t seem to work either as it doesn’t “see” the update, I actually have to delete the installed version then go ahead and install the updated version.

Hi @AlbaWeb,

Can you copy and paste the error message you’re seeing?

BTW, I split out your reply into a new thread so we can track it more easily.

Thanks @clay

The error is just “Update Failed: Could not create directory.”

Or sometimes it will include a specific directory (which varies) like below.

Here’s another example from a different plugin - “Update Failed: Could not create directory. ds-divi-rocket/assets”

As I said in my initial post it only seems to happen with certain plugins for example Elementor Free works but Elementor Pro doesn’t. So far I’ve also experienced it with Divi Rocket & Divi Switch as well.

I am having the same issue. Support told me to post my logs in this thread.

local-lightning.log (92.1 KB)

@AlbaWeb did you figure out how to fix it?

Hey @MattSK

I’m not seeing the error Update Failed: Could not create directory. within the Local log. Was this in a pop-up window?

Can you take a screenshot of Local, and the popup with this message so that we can see what’s going on?

If this was a part of Local’s updater, can you try manually downloading and installing the most recent version of Local and let us know how it goes?

No, it’s not a pop-up. It’s a WordPress error when trying to update any plugin. Same as OP.

E.g: An error occurred while updating The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder: Could not create directory. theplus_elementor_addon/assets/css/extra/overlays

I am running the most recent version of Local.

I’m having the same problem updating Elementor Pro plugin. WordPress gives an error message: “Update Failed: Could not create directory. elementor-pro/assets/css/templates”

The directory exists already.

Running on Windows 10, the latest update (as of Feb 21, 2020), and the most recent version of Local.

@Kryptos You can try to uninstall the plugin and upload the most recent version rather than upgrading. It’s the only way i could get it working.

After trying unsuccessfully all efforts suggested by Elementor, I finally downloaded the Elementor Pro update file (2.8.4), removed previous version (2.8.3) and installed the update manually. Worked first time!

2 months on from my original post and this issue still persists. Currently experiencing it with

Elementor Pro
Elementor Extras
ThePlus Addons for Elementor Page Builder

Just saying install the update manually is not acceptable and not a fix!!

I have the same problem testing Elementor Pro 2.9 Beta-1

Any updates on this? I’ve been panicing thinking that my plugin updates were broken for everyone. :sweat_smile: I’m using EDD, I’m not sure if Elementor is also using them to deliver updates.

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