Problem displaying old version of site after import

What issue or error are you experiencing?

My sites on my application have just disappeared.
I’ve now found my files in my ‘Local Sites’ folder.
To get one of my sites back, I decided to compress my site folder and then import it into Local.

Unfortunately, when I opened my site I noticed that it was an old version of the site. My latest imported images are present in my site folders, but I can’t see them in my Wordpress library. The same goes for all my projects that I’d created on the site, they’ve disappeared.

Do you have a solution?

Thank you

System Details

Local Version: 6.4.2

Operating System (OS) and OS version: Mac OS Bug Sure, version 11.7.8

Hi @Olympesmn

Was there any kind of update on your machine with your OS? It sounds like something might have become corrupted. Could you try restoring from a Time Machine backup?

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No, the problem persists.
But I don’t understand why (for example) in the site files, the latest photos I’ve uploaded are displayed, but not in the wordpress library.

If you see the site files on your desktop or wherever they are located can you try creating a new, blank Local site and then manually importing the wp-content?

Manually Import a Local Site

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