Question about migrating from Local by Flywheel to Local

Hello. I just installed Local, and would now like to migrate my first site from Local by Flywheel to Local, using these instructions presented by Local. The instructions indicate that I should first open Local by Flywheel and export my site to a zip file. It then indicates,

With the site successfully backed up to a zip file, go ahead and delete it from “Local by Flywheel.”

Is this to say that must delete the site from Local by Flywheel at this point, before moving to the next step in the instructions? Or can I leave the Local by Flywheel site in-place for now?

If possible, I’d like to ensure the site is fully migrated to Local, and works properly in Local, before deleting it from Local by Flywheel.

My OS is Windows.

Thanks in advance.


Were you able to log in to the new Local app? When I try, it prompts me to open Local by Flywheel after signing in, rather than the new Local.

As for your question, I would try to import it in Local before deleting from Local by Flywheel. If anything were to go wrong, you have the zip backup of the site to be restored if need be. However, I’m no expert. I hope support comes along soon to help!

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You can leave the old site in place, so long as you’re not trying to install the new site with the same URL or into the same path.

OK. So how do I ensure I don’t install the new site with the same URL or into the same path? As far as I can see, the new site is created simply by importing the zip file. Does the zip file contain URL and path info? Or will the import process automatically ensure a different URL/path?

When you import the zip file, you’re able to set the new URL and site path

OK thanks for that. I gave it a shot. I saw where it asked for the new URL and path, and made sure to enter new values. The new site in Local started fine. I haven’t checked the old Local by Flywheel site. But I guess we can consider this resolved. Thanks!

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