Restore WEB backup to local but links are not updated

Issue Summary

I restored web backup to Local but all references to image and pdf files are hardcoded to web url. Does Local have an option to remap the links?

If you haven’t received help on this yet…
Local’s “Pro” version includes a Search and Replace for the database. Yes, you have to pay just to use Search and Replace! Or… you can export the database to a text file using any database util, and then S&R on that file with any text editor and Save. Then, import the file back into the database with the util. (Definitely BACKUP your database first!!!)

Thanks for your reply. I wanted to test out Local before purchasing it. I thought it would automatically remap the links, an expected very basic feature. I really cant test without this ability. I will look for another option.

Try DevKinsta. Not as fancy as Local, but it’s quick and painless.

Great thank you! I will check it out.

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