Single WP Domain Name, 2 WP Installs

I can’t seem to get this setup working in Local after hours of trying.

  1. Single Domain ‘’ for main WP install (Install 1)
  2. Second WP install installed into a subdirectory ‘’ (Install 2)
  3. https enabled for ‘’

I have both items 1 and 3 working just fine. But when I attempted item #2, the entire setup broke. After lots of restarts of Local, custom config changes, database edits, etc, I finally gave up. Luckily I have good backups of my working sites because I now have to completely deleted the sites, remove Flywheel and start again.

Any ideas are welcomed…


Hi Elliot,

Can you explain what happened after #2? Did you start seeing server errors or something else?

I dont recall. I believe i just was never able to get to the URL for the second instance. The 1st took priority.


Do you remember what environment you used? You may have better luck with the Custom environment and Apache selected as the web server since you can leverage .htaccess files.

At the time I was using nginx, but have since moved to Apache. I think locally it is safer to just keep both sites on separate domain installs. Its easy enough to do what I want on a live site on a server, but locally it’s been a challenge.

Might anyone have tips on this particular setup? (same domain, two installs).

I’ve tried importing a second install into /subdirectory (using the same root domain), but Flywheel always says that I cannot because the domain already exists.

Seems that on a live server this is quite easy, as I’ve done it in less than 5 minutes. But locally, I have yet to find a method.