Site containers missing, Restore Site gives 'certificate has expired' error

Hi, help please.

After some intermittent errors yesterday with Regenerating Docker Machine TLS Certificates, which resolved themselves after a few restarts, today I was unable to start any LbF 3.3.0 sites (Unable to verify the Docker daemon is listening: Maximum number of retries (10) exceeded). I tried restarting the Local machine, then tried closing the VM in Virtual Box (ACPI Shutdown) and restarting LbF, no joy. Repeated ‘Regenerating Docker Machine TLS Certificate’ and ‘Checking System’ messages.

Next I followed the steps here:

No joy.

Then - like an idiot - after seeing it suggested in one thread here (can’t find it now) I quit LbF and removed the Flywheel VM in Virtual Box (without deleting all files). All the local site files are still in place. Restarted LbF and now the container is missing for all sites. Clicking Restore Site gives ‘Error: certificate has expired’.

Next I reinstalled LbF 3.3.0, no joy. Restarted the Mac, restarted LbF several times. Tried to reimport one site - renamed site folder, deleted site from LbF, tried to add new replacement site in LbF, same error when downloading custom environment: ‘Error: certificate has expired’, download cancelled.

Please advise - I have 4 days of work on a current job which I currently can’t access, I really need this running ASAP. I’m on Mojave 10.14.6. Log file attached. (8.0 KB)

I’ve now managed to resuscitate one Local site, but only if I use the Preferred environment.

It seems the main issue now is addressing the ‘Error: certificate has expired’ so that I can download the necessary elements of the custom environments to restore the sites.

I’ve seen this but it’s not working here. Any help much appreciated, this is now really urgent.

Still a problem. I’ve seen a few other replies regarding the certificate issue being resolved today but I’ve just tried again and the certificate issue is not resolved in this case, I’m unable to download the resources needed for the custom environments of the sites which have containers missing. I’m at standstill here with a heap of work to do. Not sure how to proceed.

Strange. On a whim I just tried to update the environment again on one site and for the first time in 4 days it worked. Currently updating all the others. Not sure if that was due to a change elsewhere, I’ve attempted the same thing numerous times today alone with no result. No other changes at my end. Anyway, sorted.

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