Slow Speed

I’ve just upgraded from Local by Flywheel to Local Lightning and have created a few sites and imported a few others. I’m so disappointed. It’s taking 30 - 40 seconds to load any page in wp-admin.

The performance is significantly worse than the previous version, and at this point for me is unworkable.
Do you have any advise on how to speed it up. I’m on a MacBook Pro with Mojave 16G ram SSD.

Might be worth trying the process described below as it seems certain configurations can lead to performance issues in migrated sites.

Thanks @genyus - , the site I’ve imported was on 7.2 which isn’t an option for me on new new version, so it’s been imported as to 7.3 - also DB was MySQL 5.6, which is no longer an option and is now 5.7

Seems like I’m debugging different issues for each site I’m importing. Eg, Commenting out xdebug seems to help initially and after this one site works fine (quick fast actually) for about 5 mins and then refuses to load anything after 5 mins. local-lightning.log (337.8 KB)
A second site, would not load, until I disabled gravity forms. It now seems to be running ok.
These are all sites that were working fine in Local by Flywheel and are running fine on web servers . . .

In your log, there appears to be entries suggesting the wrong instance of MySQL 5.7 might be running?

From my log:

{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"2020-05-17T00:16:57.672253Z 0 [Note] /Users/gary/Library/Application Support/Local/lightning-services/mysql-5.7.28+4/bin/darwin/bin/mysqld (mysqld 5.7.28) starting as process 47310 ...","timestamp":"2020-05-17T00:16:57.677Z"}
{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"2020-05-17T00:16:57.676444Z 0 [Warning] Setting lower_case_table_names=2 because file system for /Users/gary/Library/Application Support/Local/run/Y2t4uqnX_/mysql/data/ is case insensitive","timestamp":"2020-05-17T00:16:57.677Z"}

From yours:

{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.351560Z 0 [Note] %%userDataPath%%/lightning-services/mysql-5.7.28+4/bin/darwin/bin/mysqld (mysqld 5.7.28) starting as process 51854 ...","timestamp":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.358Z"}
{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.352806Z 0 [ERROR] Error message file '/usr/local/mysql-5.7.20-macos10.12-x86_64/share/english/errmsg.sys' had only 1086 error messages,","timestamp":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.358Z"}
{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"                    but it should contain at least 1119 error messages.","timestamp":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.359Z"}
{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"                    Check that the above file is the right version for                     this program!","timestamp":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.360Z"}
{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"mysql","level":"warn","message":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.355577Z 0 [Warning] Setting lower_case_table_names=2 because file system for %%site.runData%%/mysql/data/ is case insensitive","timestamp":"2020-06-25T07:29:36.360Z"}

I’m not sure why your paths aren’t being resolved fully as in my system, but I see entries indicating that you have sites running on MySQL 8.0.16, which appears to be loading correctly, so that’s probably a red herring.

In any case, I’d certainly try creating a new site and manually importing the files and database from the problematic one to see if it runs any differently.

Thanks @genyus - I’ll migrate manually next time and see what impact that has.

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