SSH command not working in Local Site Shell (Win 11)

For some reason, when I try to run an SSH command in the Local Site Shell on Windows 11 (22H2), I get a “‘ssh’ is not recognized as an internal or external command…” error. However, if I open a normal command prompt (Terminal, PowerShell, etc.) SSH commands run fine. I’m assuming there’s something else I need to configure in Windows to get SSH commands to run in the Local container? Please let me know if there’s any other info I can provide as far as troubleshooting- I’m running the latest version of Local as of this post, i.e. 7.1.0+6396. Thanks for any assistance here!


Does it happen for any command you run or are there just specific commands you’re trying that won’t work?

Interestingly, everything else seems to work fine, e.g. php and git-related commands; it only seems to be ssh. I’m currently just using the built-in SSH client in Win 11 (i.e. Settings > Apps > Optional features - OpenSSH Client), so I’m not sure if there’s any additional configuration that’s required? Strange that it works fine in any other command prompt, just not when working with the Local container.

Is the site you’re trying to work on Started when you Open Site Shell? (Upper right hand corner of the app screen)

What commands are you trying to run? With the Site Started and Site Shell opened can you run any WP-CLI commands or is there a specific command you’re trying to use that won’t work?

Thanks for your replies, @Nick-B - the site has been started when I open the Site Shell. There isn’t a particular SSH command I’m trying to run per se, I’m just surprised that Windows is behaving as if SSH isn’t installed at all, when it works with any other command prompt. WP-CLI works fine, as do PHP and Git commands, strangely. It is by no means critical, I’m just wondering why this one package wouldn’t work when everything else does- do folks typically install any other SSH-related files/packages on Win11?

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