Suddenly stopped working, PHP service not running

Been using the Windows Beta. No problems for a week or so, suddenly sites show “Unable to connect”.

Debugging via SSH shows:

root@7355b26d27b8:/# service php-7.0.3-fpm restart
Gracefully shutting down php-fpm warning, no pid file found - php-fpm is not running ?
Starting php-fpm [18-Mar-2017 23:20:14] ERROR: failed to open configuration file '/conf/php/7.0.3/etc/php-fpm.conf': No such file or directory (2)
[18-Mar-2017 23:20:14] ERROR: failed to load configuration file '/conf/php/7.0.3/etc/php-fpm.conf'
[18-Mar-2017 23:20:14] ERROR: FPM initialization failed

Restarting machine / stop-start site not working. Please fix this.

Deleting the box via Virtualbox GUI also didn’t help. Same issue. Not happy with this.

Hi there,

Very sorry for the trouble!

Does the conf directory still exist in the site folder? It’s adjacent to the app folder in the site folder.