"The site is experiencing technical difficulties" at the creation of the site

Issue Summary

I’ve just followed a tutorial about creating a website via this software : when I clicked on “open site”, it issued this new window with this error message.

Troubleshooting Questions

I followed the guy’s instructions about the protocols to create the website (I am not a developer) :slight_smile: Web server : nginx, PHP version : 8.0.22, Database : MySQL 8.0.16.

Apparently the WP version is 5.2.1 for some reason (the guy’s was 6.0)

Can anyone help me with this ? I searched the net and found the help not… helpful.
I tried enabling the Xdebug button : nothing.
I have disabled my VPN and antivirus : nothing too.
I am on Chrome.

Bonjour, @Luciole j’ai le même problème… :rage:
c’est la première fois que ça m’arrive… j’ai créé plusieurs site en local et je n’ai jamais eu de soucis ! mais là j’espère que l’on va avoir des réponses à ce Bug ! :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Hi there @Luciole - welcome to the Local community!

Have you tried to create a new site in Local with the default server settings (instead of setting custom ones)?

Or are you trying to import a site?

Please let me know!


Hi @NayaStudio -

Can you please provide more information about your setup?

What is your:

  • Operating System
  • Local version
  • Local settings for this particular site

Thank you!


Sorry, just saw the answer. I was trying to create a new website, to train myself on wordpress.

I am on windows 10 professional. For the rest, i don’t know what you mean…


Je n’avais pas vu pour la réponse. Merci. Plus aucun soucis depuis ma question posée.


@Luciole and @NayaStudio

If you’re still having trouble can you share a copy of your Local Log? Retrieving Local’s Log File

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